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I had a dream. A dream of the bocce league we created more than 10 years ago. A dream where buckets mattered. A dream where the website was accuratly updated and included archives and statistics and you didn't have to double check the scores and bucket counts every week. A dream of when the schedule wasn't lazily written where the schedule is the EXACTLY THE SAME in the first 5 games and the last 5 games. A dream where the schedule wasn't EXACTLY THE SAME every other year. A dream of the league we created where the division championship games from the previous year was the first matchup of the new year. A dream of the league we created where committee meeting announcements are posted on the website. A dream where the mobile website wasn't light orange font on light blue background rendering it almost imposssible to read. I had a dream about a league that has one coordinator to manage all aspects of the league but not have ultimate power, which resides with the committee.

I had a dream. Then, I woke up.



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Sounds like we have a volunteer to take over the planning and execution of league matters.  

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