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Third Place
Division Champion
Division Runner-Up
Frst place in Division (Regular Season)
Petty Cash

Teams - 12 teams, 2 divisions, 6 teams in each division.  Cost: $110 per team

Championship game will be held at a neutral site selected by the committee.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Games are played to 21.  The first team to reach a score of 21 wins the game.  You must win by two points.
  2. Players may choose to score traditional points by trying to get their ball closest to the pallino.  They may also choose to score points towards their bucket count by throwing their ball into the bucket.  If a team makes a bucket attempt, one member of the opposing team must drink one half beer.  The opposing team may decline the drink, but will be assessed a one bucket penalty for each refusal.
  3. For each ball closer to the pallino than your opponent's, one point is scored.  
  4. For each ball touching the pallino, two points are scored.  
  5. In the case of a tie, neither ball scores, but they do remain in play and count when determining which team is away.  Any balls outside of these tied balls are non-scoring.  
  6. The team that is farthest from the pallino must continue their turn until they get closer to the pallino or have thrown all of their balls.
  7. The home team must supply an official set of bocce balls to be used for game play.  Only 110 mm or 113 mm balls are permitted in RBBL game play, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. The bucket must be placed a MINIMUM of 10 feet from where the pallino is thrown.  The pallino may not be thrown into the bucket.
  9. If the pallino is thrown into the bucket, the throwing team can reset the bucket and throw again.
  10. If the pallino is knocked into the bucket as a result of normal game play it must stay in the bucket.  If a bocce ball is touching the pallino inside the bucket it is worth only ONE point.
  11. If a bucket is moved out of place due to normal game play, the bucket must be reset to its original location and orientation. 
    1. Exception:  If the pallino is knocked into the bucket and stays in the bucket, the bucket, bocce balls, and pallino must remain in this new location.  This now becomes the official bucket placement.  If the bucket is moved again, and pallino comes out, it has to be returned to the last official placement played.  If the pallino remains in the bucket, a new official placement is established.  Although the official bucket location may change during play, the bucket must always face the foul line.
  12. Players may shoot from any position on, or behind, the foul line after the bucket and pallino are placed.
  13. The player who throws the pallino then throws the first shot for his team.  The home team always starts the game.
  14. To avoid property damage, any ball that hits a man made object BEFORE hitting the ground, other balls that are in play, or the bucket is eliminated from play.  Boundaries should be delineated by the home team prior to the start of the game.
  15. A bocce ball will remain in play as long as it is touching any part of the field of play.
  16. A tape measure may be requested at any time, by any player, and must be supplied by the home team.
  17. No balls are permitted to be touched prior to both teams agreeing on the scoring at the end of each round.
  18. There will be a maximum 15 minute halftime once a team has scored eleven points.  If all four players agree, halftime does not have to be observed.
  19. The official game time is 6:00 pm each Friday.
  20. Players must show up on time at the agreed upon time.  If you are going to be late, you must call your opponent to let them know.  If your opponents are not advised of your tardiness, you will be penalized one half beer each.  Emergencies excluded.
  21. Rescheduling of games is expected.  Games must be rescheduled within one week of the officially scheduled game time.  If it is not played within that time frame, the case will be brought to the committee.  They will decide who is at fault and if a forfeit is necessary.  If a new time is agreed upon by both teams, all four players must be on time.  A forfeit by any team will result in a loss and zero buckets for that team.  The opponents will receive a win and the calculated average number of buckets per game to date.
  22. There will be two division winners.  If at the end of the regular season there is a tie, the tie breaking hierarchy is as follows: 
    1. Total regular season bucket count
    2. Head to head record
    3. Division Record
    4. Playoff game
  23. All scores must be reported to MJ or posted on the website forum page by the end of the day on game day.  The winning team is responsible for reporting the score.
  24. A single parcel of land may only be home court to one team per season.  Each team must have their own home court.  All courts must be in Greece, NY with the exception of the Field of Buckets.  This field is grandfathered in.
  25. If your teammate is unable to finish the season you will have two weeks to find a replacement.  If no replacement is found you will forfeit the balance of your games.  No refunds will be given.
  26. Aron Dolan Rule:  The home team has choice of music played during the game.
  27. At the conclusion of any round, if both teams are tied for a point, no points are scored and the team in control of the pallino will remain in control.  Both teams must be in agreement that there is, in fact, a tie.
  28. At the end of inter-league play, if the win-loss record is tied at 9-9, the tiebreaker will go to the division with the highest cumulative bucket count.  Only buckets scored during inter-league play will be counted.
  29. The division that wins inter-league play will have first possession of the pallino at the league championship game.


  • The top four teams from each division make it into the playoffs.
  • The higher seeded team in each match up will be the home team.  In the case of a tie record, the same tie breaking rules apply as stated previously.
  • The first round will match up the first and fourth seeded teams; and the second and third seeded teams.
  • Hollywood Rule: A team must have a minimum of three bucket scores AND a two point margin of victory to win a playoff game.

RBBL Committee

One player from each team will make up the committee.

  • A player will be eligible to become a committee member after the completion of his second season of play.
  • Your team's representative must be present at meetings to vote on issues.  No show...No vote.
  • Representation is optional.

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